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Investigate Greece´s neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn

As concerned citizens of the world we urge you to undertake a full criminal investigation on the activities of Golden Dawn, its members and its ties with the police. In the aftermath of their fascist attack on immigrants, the urgency of our request is evident. We must act now before more people are hurt by this meaningless act of violence and Greece falls deep into the grip of fascism. 

Please Click and sign.

Golden Dawn Nazi thugs stab a Pakistani man in Attiki metro station, 17/6: 

Plenty of witnesses and camera’s yet they have not been caught.

I wonder why????

Is it safe to be in Greece if you are a different colour????

Μαχαίρωμα Μετανάστη από Τάγμα ΧΑ, σταθμός Αττικής (by ankostis)